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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - BRIGHT SPEAKS OUT ABOUT HORROR SMASH

Hitting the walls around Adelaide's street track, especially at Turn 8, is a V8 Supercar driver's worst nightmare and Team BOC's Jason Bright is calling for urgent changes after he crashed heavily today.

Bright was making his way through the pack when, on lap five, he skidded on oil laid down by HRT's James Courtney just before Turn 8. The slide threw him into the concrete walls at 200kph and Bright was transported to hospital for precautionary tests after complaining of a sore shoulder. Doctors confirmed there were no fractures.

After returning to the track Bright spoke to officials about the notorious corner, which is one of the fastest on the V8 Supercar calendar, as well as requesting a review of the medical team's response, which did not reach him until he had walked back to the team garage.

Despite heavy damage to the Commodore, Team BOC Co-Owner Brad Jones is hopeful of fixing the car before tomorrow's qualifying at 11:15. 

Jason Bright
Team BOC
"I think we've got to improve the safety of certain corners in our series, like Turn 8 here and Reid Park at Bathurst, where our cars are doing upwards of 200kph through a corner with concrete walls on the outside. I understand that things have been improved but it's not to the level that we should expect as drivers.

"I think the category needs to invest in NASCAR-style safety barriers that reduce the impact on ovals over there and there's plenty more that can be done here at Turn 8. For a start, the guardrail isn't required on the inside of that corner and actually causes accidents rather than preventing them. Also, I'm sure there's a way that the outside wall could be designed so it isn't the edge of the track to give us a little bit more run-off round there. I'm definitely not alone in thinking that either.

"As far as the response of the medical team is concerned, I was pretty disgusted. At an incident like that, at Turn 8, the medical car should just be automatically scrambled and not wait to see whether the driver gets out of the car unaided. Drivers can appear fine straight after a crash because of adrenalin but it's not necessarily the case. I ended up walking back to the pits after the medical car didn't turn up for the seven minutes that I waited. It's just appalling and, as drivers, I think we should expect better. Other categories that have the same stature in the world would have a better response than that."

Brad Jones
Team Co-Owner
"My intent is to have the car back out and running tomorrow and unless they pull it apart and the rail is really bent, that's what is going to happen.

"It will definitely be an all-nighter for the crew but one of the great things about our team is that, when things go wrong, we really pull together. I remember when JR tore a corner off it at Bathurst; we still had it going again the next day and we're going to work hard to get it fixed up here too."

2012 CLIPSAL 500 Adelaide
01 Jamie Whincup, TeamVodafone
02 Will Davison, Trading Post FPR Ford
03 Garth Tander, Holden Racing Team
04 Craig Lowndes, TeamVodafone
05 Lee Holdsworth, Irwin Racing
06 Fabian Coulthard, Lockwood Racing
07 Rick Kelly, Jack Daniel's Racing
08 Todd Kelly, Jack Daniel's Racing
09 Mark WInterbottom, Orrcon Steel FPR Ford
10 Steven Johnson, Jim Beam Racing

DNF Jason Bright, Team BOC

Published: 03 March 2012.


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