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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - STEERING FAILURE ENDS BRIGHTS DAY

Promising top-five pace came to nothing for Team BOC at Sandown Motor Raceway today as Jason Bright succumbed to mechanical dramas on lap 113.

Bright and co-driver Andrew Jones had been looking strong, with Jones handing the car over in fifth place on lap 66 of the 161-lap enduro. Forty-seven laps into his stint, however, a bolt on Bright's steering mount worked itself loose sending him into the wall.

The crew replaced the mount and Bright re-joined, 13 laps down, to finish 24th.

The Bathurst 1000 is next up on the V8 Supercars calendar, from October 11th ? 13th.

Jason Bright
Team BOC
"I just felt really lame as soon as I got in the car. It's not the car we've had all year. The lap before I went off the steering worsened another level again and I locked up over the hill. I nearly just pitted then because I thought I must have a puncture. My engineer said let's just bring it home but it completely failed in the end.

"I'm very disappointed. Yesterday wasn't a good day but I thought the car was better in this morning's warm-up and Andy was doing a good job. We were in contention in the top five or six for the first half of the race. We certainly could have snagged a much better result that it looked like we could have yesterday. We made gains today but just never got to realise them."

Andrew Jones
Team BOC Co-Driver
"The car was much better than yesterday. We've got rotation and can do the things we could do on Friday. The biggest problem I had was when I was behind people our car-flow was different to theirs. It most obvious mid-corner, which makes it hard to pass, but when I'm on my own I can use the flow of the car really well.

"I had a bit of a run-in when I passed Warren Luff early on. I felt I was far enough in and it was going to be a clean move. At some point both cars have to come to the party. When you put yourself in a vulnerable position you've got to take some responsibility for it. I was pretty happy with what I did."

2013 Sandown 500 ? V8 Supercar Championship ? Race 28
01 J.Whincup / P.Dumbrell, Red Bull Racing Australia
02 C.Lowndes / W.Luff, Red Bull Racing Australia
03 W.Davison / S.Owen, Pepsi Max Crew FPR Ford
04 L.Holdsworth / C.Baird, Irwin Racing
05 J.Courtney / G.Murphy, Holden Racing Team
06 M.WInterbottom / S.Richards, Pepsi Max Crew FPR Ford
07 F.Coulthard / L.Youlden, Lockwood Racing
08 S.McLaughlin / J.Perkins, Fujitsu Racing GRM
09 R.Ingall / R.Briscoe, Supercheap Auto Racing
10 A.Premat / G.Ritter, Fujitsu Racing GRM
24 J.Bright / A.Jones, Team BOC

Published: 15 September 2013.


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