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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - CLIPSAL 500 PREVIEW
News // Clipsal 500 Preview

Bite sized event history:

Adelaide 1984: Let's hold a formula one race! 

Melbourne 1995: Let's steal a formula one race! 

Adelaide 1995: Damn. 

Adelaide 1998: 

Person 1:You know what, we should really do something with our track next year. 

Person 2: Great idea! Why did it take us 3 years to work that out? 

Person 3: Um...

Adelaide 1999: The first 'Sensational Adelaide 500'. Won by some guy called Craig Lowndes. 


Using most of the old formula one circuit, the Adelaide city track is an absolute gem. In parts, flowing, in others a classic street 'concrete jungle', it's one of the world's best street tracks and home to a myriad of great motorsport memories. Who can forget Nigel Mansell's moustache or our very own Brighty winning in 2001? 

Turn 8 is like a V8 Supercar venus fly trap. Come closer, come closer...bang! 


A huge change to the race format this year, with two 125 kilometre races on Saturday and then the traditional 250 lap race on Sunday. The second Saturday race is a late one too - starting at 6.50. 

Autograph sessions:

Catch Brighty here:

Saturday: 10.55-11.15 VBM Merchandise area 

       11.15-11.45 Traction Zone

Sunday: 10-10.20: VBM Merchandise area

Last time round: 

For Team BOC's Jason Bright, 2013's Clipsal 500 was a race weekend he'd prefer to forget. With the team working non stop to build the new Car of the Future (COTF), Brighty suffered from teething problems early on and never recovered. He finished 22nd on Saturday and 18th on Sunday.  

This time round:

After a year honing the COTF chassis, things are looking, pardon the pun, bright at Team BOC. Finishing the year out with a podium at Homebush and then a strong result at the opening test day of the year, Brighty is confident for Clipsal. 

"I'm excited for the start of the year, not only did the test go well but we're much better prepared for the start of the year compared to last season," he said. 

 "Knowing that we've ironed out all of the bugs that cost us last year ? we're going to Adelaide feeling really comfortable and in the right space and if we come away with a strong result it will put us in good shape for the rest of the year."

For Brighty, Clipsal is critical for a strong championship challenge.  

"It's so important to start well and it's something I've struggled to do for the past few seasons for various reasons," he said. 

"If you don't have a strong result it really puts you on the back foot and gives you ground to make up and that forces you to take risks over the rest of the year to make up that ground.

"If we had the 200 odd points from Clipsal last season we would've been in a much better position at the end of the year," Brighty said.  

Published: 26 February 2014.


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