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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - IPSWICH 400 PREVIEW
News // Ipswich 400 Preview

Quick History

It hasn't been a long history for Queensland Raceway. Nestled in the suburb of Ipswich it opened in the late 90s and held its first V8 Supercar race in 1999. Back then it was the ‘Queensland 500’ pre-Bathurst event and the first one was won by Larry Perkins and Russell Ingall. It held its 500 kay Bathurst warm up spot until 2002. Ingall holds the race lap record but he set it 13 years after that first win in 2012. Lowndesy currently has the most wins at the circuit with 11 from Tander on 5. 

Track info




It’s a simple track configuration, Queensland Raceway, with only six corners in total, most of them right handers. That just means that getting it absolutely right is imperative with the competition so close. After Turn 1 is fast and it's crucial to get it right to start the lap. Turn 2 leads on to the main straight and then onto the brakes for turn 3. Turns 4 and 5 are the tricky little token left handers and then it’s on to the final turn 6. There are generally 3 good passing opportunities on the track – into turn 3, turn 4 and then 6. 

Race Teams

Friday (All sessions in local time)

10:10-10:30: Practice one

13:15-13:35: Practice two

15:10-15:30:  Practice three


11:25-11:35: Qualifying one

11:45-11:55: Qualifying two

14:25-15:15: Race one 100km

16:30pm-17:20: Race two 100km


12:55-13:15: Qualifying three

15:50-17:15: Race three 200km

Meet Brighty! 


09:55-10:25: Autograph session at team garage

12:25-12:45: Team BOC Merchandise area


10:00-10:30: Fan grid experience (meet the drivers and check out the cars)

10:45-11:00: Team BOC Merchandise area

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Last time round

Brighty nabbed seventh in race one last year before grabbing fifth and seventh in the two Sunday races. 

What about this year? 

Brighty's Team BOC Commodore has had plenty of pace over the last couple of rounds. He qualified top 5 in Darwin and who can forget that awesome pole in Townsville. 

Unfortunately the team hasn't been able to convert that pace into podiums and that's exactly what Brighty wants to do this weekend. 

A test day last week should help, with Bright pleased with the results.

“I thought the test went really well,” he said.

“You don’t go to tests with a heap of development parts on like we used to, you go there to try and learn little bits about the car that are going to help you during a race meeting. I felt that we had a really good day and learnt quite a bit.”

Following the successful test, Bright is confident that he can make a big impression at QR.

“We went to the test day with some set things to work on and those things should work well at QR,” he said.

“The car has definitely had good pace for the last few rounds. Hopefully we’ll continue that this weekend and score the points that I feel the car deserves.”

Queensland Raceway is the nominated test track for Queensland based teams but Bright doesn’t think that will prove advantageous to the northern squads.  

“You’d think that they’d get an advantage from testing up there but it never seems to be the case,” Bright said.

“The amount of times that Victorian teams have won at QR and Queensland teams have won at Winton is unbelievable. In reality the track probably changes that much on a race weekend that it’s almost a disadvantage.”

We're online! 

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Published: 30 July 2014.


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