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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - TOP TEN IS THE GOAL


Thursday March 12 2015

Practice 1 – 13:15-13:45 (30 minutes)

Position: 16 - 2:00.2280

Fastest: Chaz Mostert - 1:58.7825

Practice 2 – 15:10-15:40 (30 minutes)

Position: 11 – 1:58.5261

Fastest: David Reynolds – 1:57.0269

Qualifying – 17:15-17:45 (30 minutes)

Position: 17 – 1:56.9911

Fastest: Mark Winterbottom – 1:56.0517

Friday March 13 2015

Race 1 – 14:20-14:50 (10 laps)

Position: 12

Winner: Mark Winterbottom

Race 2 – 18:20-18:50 (12 laps)

Position: 12

Winner: Mark Winterbottom


The first practice session flagged an issue for the Team BOC Commodore as Jason could not shift gears properly. In between the two practice sessions the team worked quickly to change the gearbox. The times were clearly getting quicker from session to session. In the half hour long qualifying session the team, along with all others, pitted around the 20 minute mark and were making quick changes for the drivers to return, giving them approximately 2 laps to post their fastest time possible to qualify for the race. Not being able to maximise the laps the Team BOC Commodore was set to start from an unusual position 17 on the grid.

Race One was the shortest of the days races being only 10 laps, making the start crucial. Jason had a good start to the race, going hard into the first corner and making up a lot of ground. Add in a first lap incident pushing a couple of cars down the field, Jason made his way up from position 17 to position 13. Shortly after he made another gain, getting into position 12 where he ultimately finished race one. We did receive some words of encouragement from NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip via Twitter; Brighty took him for a hot lap of Bathurst a couple of years ago (look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen it already!) and said for Brighty to drive it ‘like I’m in there with him, like he is trying to scare me’. Thanks Darrell!  Race Two saw the safety car out early again on lap 1 and the race then shortened to just 8 laps. Passing difficult yet again, with no real moves being made saw Jason finishing in position 12.


“Once you’re underway here it’s hard to pass, it’s tougher than it looks. In saying that we weren’t close enough to the group in front of us to have a go at them, but I think if we we’re close we could have had a real crack at them. I feel like we would have been strong enough for that.”

“The car felt good and we had a good first lap, we need to keep out of trouble and work our way forward. The goal to work our way into the top ten this weekend.”

“The starts are so important, you can lose or lot or gain a lot. When everyone is really bunched up for the first couple of corners and you’re going a few wide into the corner you’ve got to make the most of it. It’s about finding that right balance between aggressive and making a clean move. We don’t want any damage.“


Saturday March 14 2015

Race 3 – 15:25-16:00 (12 laps)

Sunday March 15 2015

Race 4 – 12:10-12:45 (12 laps)


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Published: 13 March 2015.


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