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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - EXPERIENCE COUNTS IN BUSINESS

Brad Jones Racing have been involved in motorsport for over 20 years. From being behind the wheel of one car to now owning and operating a six car team, you can easily say the Jones family business has grown immensely. What was once a small workshop in Albury, New South Wales, the facilities have more than tripled in size.

The BJR facilities house their own production workshop complete with multiple CNC machines, a paint booth, mechanics area and sub assembly zone, just to name a few areas that make up their daily operations. With 3 cars in the V8 Supercar series and 3 in the development series, the workshop has no down time and it needs its suppliers to be able to keep up with the demanding V8 Supercar life.

Having the right compressed air system throughout the business is important for production and efficiency. One of the problems the team was experiencing was not having the right amount of clean, dry air flowing to the CNC machines. When looking for a partner to supply the right equipment for the workshop, BJR looked no further than the compressed air specialists at Pilotair.

The Pilotair team visited the Brad Jones Racing workshop to assess the areas they could improve their compressed air systems and streamline operations over the multiple areas of the business. Pilotair are known for taking the time to figure out what businesses need and offer suitable options in order to give you the best outcome. This is their standard practice for any business, big or small.

Team Owner Kim Jones said “Pilotair have the ability to tailor your air needs and supply the correct equipment to do the job. Being experts in their field, like us, they know that reliability is one of the keys to longevity in the business.”

With over 30 years compressed air experience, Australian-owned Pilotair is a market leader in the design, manufacture, sales, service and installation of air compressors, compressed air delivery systems and components. Pilotair back up their experience with genuine spare parts, service and hands-on support when BJR needs it, making it an easy business partnership.

Pilotair’s motto of expertise, support and value lines up with exactly what the BJR workshop needs. BJR recommends that you visit the Pilotair team at www.pilotair.com.au for more information on how Pilotair can support your business requirements.

Published: 22 April 2015.


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