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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - THE GUT FEELING


Friday 21st August

10:10-10:40 – Additional Driver Only Practice

Andrew Jones’ Result: 18th – 1:32.7759 / Fastest: Dean Fiore – 1:31.5627

11:25-12:25 – Practice One

Position: 24th – 1:32.4084/ Fastest: David Wall – 1:30.5322

13:40-14:40 – Practice Two

Position: 15th – 1:30.9311 / Fastest: Chaz Mostert – 1:29.9026


“The first session today was really hard work. It was one of the toughest cars I’ve ever driven around here. We made changes before the second session and when we rolled out for that I found the car was a lot more predictable and drove like a dream. We really had something to work with and I was happy with our gains.”

“It’s still hard to gauge where we are in comparison to everyone else as there was a mix of soft and hard tyres being used; as well as the new set of hard tyres which most ran towards the end of the session. My gut tells me we will be sitting in the top ten tomorrow.”

“We’ve still got more to come. We will think about it more overnight and see what else we can improve but I am happy with today’s progress.”

“I do know with our new hard tyres we matched the times of our softs, so when we get on new soft tyres tomorrow we’ll be quicker again.”


“The good thing is, after QR, we’ve got a good clue at where we want to go and are adjusting the right things. Even though it hasn’t been the best day we’ve got some good direction with where we are going. We will try to implement a couple of changes for tomorrows practice and make it a better race car. I feel tomorrow we’ll be closer again to the money for sure. “


Saturday 22nd August

10:00-10:15 – Practice Three

11:40-11:50 – Qualifying – Race 21

12:05-12:15 – Qualifying – Race 22

14:25-15:00 – Race 21 – 16 Laps / 60kms

16:35-17:10 – Race 22 – 16 Laps / 60kms

Sunday 23rd August

11:45-12:05 – Qualifying – Race 23

14:00-15:30 – Race 23 – 52 Laps / 200kms



Autograph Session

8:45am-9:15am @ Back of Team Garages

Autograph Session

10:55am-11:10am @ Merchandise Truck


Autograph Session

9:50am-10:15am @ Merchandise Truck

True Colour Track Walk

10:40am-11:10am @ Starting Grid


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Published: 21 August 2015.


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