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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - News - HARD LUCK


Saturday 22nd August

10:00-10:15 – Practice Three

Position: 17th – 1:31.1916 / Fastest: Shane Van Gisbergen – 1:30.2959

11:40-11:50 – Qualifying – Race 21

Position: 7th – 1:30.6090 / Pole Position: Chaz Mostert – 1:30.0837

12:05-12:15 – Qualifying – Race 22

Position: 11th – 1:29.5472 / Pole Position: Chaz Mostert – 1:28.9583

14:25-15:00 – Race 21 – 16 Laps / 60kms

Position: 10th / Winner: Chaz Mostert

16:35-17:10 – Race 22 – 16 Laps / 60kms

Position: / Winner:


After progress was made throughout yesterdays practice sessions the team were looking to continue with that momentum today. Good results in today’s back to back qualifying sessions set Jason up for a couple of quality top ten races as himself predicted yesterday. The first race saw Jason really struggle off the line, he was swamped by a number of cars and found himself in position 12, battling with a lot of understeer. The engineers offered suggestions throughout the race to give the car the right balance and he managed to make up a number of spots to finish in position 10.

The second race saw Jason start from position 11, and on the first lap there was chaos. Jason copped a tap from Tander forcing him off the track, it was a wild excursion with Jason locked up and heading sideways into a turn with a number of other cars already in it. Showing some incredible car control Jason managed to hold onto it and get it safely back on track, although finding himself pushed quickly down the rear of the field. After a few more laps it was evident the excursion had caused some damage to one of the front and just as soon as Jason came over the radio saying there was an issue, he was braking at turn one and the tyre quickly deflated putting Jason into the tyre barrier.  A quick pit stop to change the tyre saw Jason back on track however at that stage of the race it was too late to catch up in any way. Jason finished the second race in 24th position. With rain due tomorrow, it could be a whole other story again!  


“I’m not sure what Tander was thinking there. I didn’t have him on the edge of the track or anything and he just turned me around. I’ll be disappointed if something isn’t done about it. I was going along in a straight line and there was plenty of room on his right side to stay off my bumper and it looks like he’s just got on my bumper and sent me off. I think we were pretty lucky to get away with a straight car after that one.”

“I believe that incident hurt the front tyre but can’t be 100% sure. It seems like a fair coincidence though. Normally if you’ve got a big flat spot the tyre goes and start to delaminate and you can feel it going first. This just went down really suddenly. It was holding pressure up until a point but when I got on the brakes at turn one I knew something was wrong. The front just dropped and I had nothing. The worst part was I couldn’t see how far away the wall was and it was coming up pretty quickly. Lucky they have a good tyre barrier there and by the time I got to it I had washed off a fair bit of speed.”


Sunday 23rd August

11:45-12:05 – Qualifying – Race 23

14:00-15:30 – Race 23 – 52 Laps / 200kms



Autograph Session

9:50am-10:15am @ Merchandise Truck

True Colour Track Walk

10:45am-11:15am @ Starting Grid


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Published: 22 August 2015.


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