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- 2019 V8 Supercar Championship Season - Season
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2009 Sydney Telstra 500, Sydney Olympic Park - Practice C

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1Garth TanderToll Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore VE17 161:30.1032R
2Lee HoldsworthGarry Rogers MotorsportHolden Commodore VE22 181:30.1993r
3Shane Van GisbergenSP Tools RacingFord Falcon FG21 161:30.2327r
4Will DavisonToll Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore VE19 191:30.3944r
5David ReynoldsBundaberg Red Racing TeamHolden Commodore VE19 161:30.4106r
6Greg MurphySprint Gas RacingHolden Commodore VE15 141:30.4202r
7James CourtneyJim Beam RacingFord Falcon FG18 141:30.4392r
8Cameron McConvilleWOW RacingHolden Commodore VE18 171:30.4776r
9Mark WinterbottomFord Performance RacingFord Falcon FG20 171:30.6125r
10Paul DumbrellTeam AutobarnHolden Commodore VE17 171:30.7448r
11Steven RichardsFord Performance RacingFord Falcon FG20 191:30.7938r
12Tony D'AlbertoThe Bottle-O Racing TeamHolden Commodore VE22 211:30.8290r
13Rick KellyJack Daniels RacingHolden Commodore VE18 171:30.8296r
14Jason BrightFujitsu RacingFord Falcon FG21 181:30.8351r
15Michael CarusoGarry Rogers MotorsportHolden Commodore VE17 151:30.8773r
16Fabian CoulthardWilson Security RacingFord Falcon FG15 141:30.8894r
17Jamie WhincupTeamVodafoneFord Falcon FG21 181:30.9562r
18Craig LowndesTeamVodafoneFord Falcon FG22 211:31.0226r
19Alex DavisonIrwin RacingFord Falcon FG21 211:31.0784r
20Russell IngallSupercheap Auto RacingHolden Commodore VE20 101:31.0804r
21Jason RichardsTeam BOCHolden Commodore VE21 201:31.4717
22Steven JohnsonJim Beam RacingFord Falcon FG5 31:31.5304
23Jack PerkinsDodo Racing TeamHolden Commodore VE16 141:31.5526
24Jason BargwannaSprint Gas RacingHolden Commodore VE7 51:31.7079
25Tim SladeSupercheap Auto RacingHolden Commodore VE17 161:31.9639
26Michael PatriziWilson Security RacingFord Falcon BF6 31:32.1774
27Mark McNallyHi-Tec Oils RacingHolden Commodore VE17 171:32.9943
28Dean FioreBing Lee/Panasonic LumixHolden Commodore VE22 161:33.3485


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